"Making Room" 
Including people with autism and other developmental disabilities into communities of faith.
Making room for people with intellectual disabilities?

"Making room" is one of the signs of true Christian community.  It is not only to open one's door and one's church to someone.  It is to make room in one's heart.  Making room for that person to be and to grow;  where that person knows that he or she is accepted just as they are, with their gifts and their faults. 
People with intellectual disabilities are just like you and I---they have unique personalities, and a wide range of physical, emotional, and intellectual characteristics...and they respond to the love of God.   Check out this website from time to time to discover the strategies for "making room" for those with autism and other disabilities into your life and your community of faith.
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Did you know that only 17% of families who have a family member with autism participate in a community of faith on a regular basis?  A recent survey of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim congregations revealed that even though 71% of those congregations had a general awareness of their barriers to full participation of people with autism (and other disabilities), 69% of those communities of faith had not yet done anything to promote inclusion.   This site is dedicated to helping make all communities of faith a place of welcome for those families who have a child with a disability.